Ram Janakiraman


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(equal contribution)
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Finalist in the CIONET European Research Paper of the Year 2014.
Media Mentions: TAMU Times, @Mays, Biz Inc, Yahoo!Canada, Yahoo!Finance India, Fox Business, IE Computer Society, NetIndia123.com, Newstrack India, The Spectrum, Calcutt News, Albuquerque Express, Herald Globe, India4u.com, TruthDive, News Track India, Yahoo! India News, Newsroom America, Indi Vision, News.SmasHits.com, Computin Now, Press News.org, Webindia123.com, Science Newsline, Phys.Org, Science Blog, e! Science News, Business News Daily, World News, Innovations Report , Noodls, High Text Verlag,  Alpha Galileo Alpha Galileo (DE)
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(special issue on health care)
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2011 Best Paper Award, Honorable Mention, Decision Sciences Institute
Aron, Ravi, Shantanu Dutta, Ramkumar Janakiraman and Praveen Pathak 
(equal contribution)
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(special issue on IS in healthcare)
Selected as one of the five finalists from a set of 800 articles published in 11 INFORMS journals for the 2011 best paper award by the Industry Studies Association
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Covered by FirstWord in their report titled "New Research into Prescribing Practices" (August 2011)
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Other Peer Reviewed Publications 

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